I love what I do…

Close to 15 years doing photography and always trying to innovate with new techniques, with a background in photojournalistic photography, I’m always looking to capture the perfect candid moments to give you the best memories of your love story

I believe in love…

I am a romantic— or that is what my beautiful wife says. I just try to observe, looking and searching for love stories, to show my couples, your families and friends beautiful images of your amazing, unique love for one another

Thanks for stopping by, and I really hope to help you tell your own love story with my photography

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MAURICIO (2nd Shooter)

MAURICIO (2nd Shooter)

Mauricio thinks the beauty is wherever light is. He loves the way light creates awesome atmospheres that allow him to catch the happiness of a couple in love or tell a whole story with only a shot. For him, all good moments need is a simple ray of light to make it unforgettable.

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